De Leo & Drasnar, the International Architecture Studio in Turin

Interior Design and Sustainable Architecture in Italy and abroad

De Leo & Drasnar is an international architecture studio based in Turin (Piedmont) and Singapore, founded by architects Massimiliano De Leo and Lukas Drasnar.

We have developed important projects and collaborations both in Italy and abroad thanks to our pluriannual experience in the field of sustainable architecture, interior design and eco-friendly furnishing. For example we worked with: Massimiliano Fuksas, OMA, Armani, Shingeru Ban, Dominique Perrault, Mecanoo, GE e Behnisch Architekten.

We provide innovative and customized solutions for residential and commercial Interior design, custom-made furniture and building renovation, paying particular attention to environmental sustainability and energy saving.
Our services are based on a 360 degree approach that goes from design to implementation, passing through project management: we take care of every project in detail and with extreme attention and passion in order to satisfy all the needs of our customers.
We have carried out numerous projects at the national and international level, always focusing on creative, innovative and sustainable design. We are particularly proud of having realized the Sushi Be Restaurant in Biella (Piedmont), designed according to the Generative Design technique, that is using specific software and eco-compatible materials.
The wooden ceiling and furniture give the room an elegant and modern design.
Other examples are the design and the realization of the Red Bull BoARt Bar in Alassio (Liguria), the Slany House in Prague (Czech Republic) and the Xile Clothing Store in Glasgow (UK).

Our Philosophy

Nuovi modi di comprendere l'architettura | De Leo & Drasnar Architects Torino
Our studio is based on the spatial and formal research where through a design method, we give way to the creation at different architectural scales. From furniture design to urban design, our focus is to influence people with new ways of living and understanding architecture.
We cover different emphases, such as concept creation, art direction, design, sustainability and project management.
In this way we can guarantee a better quality in our projects and have a complete vision of what concerns an architectural project.

Design Method

Concorso di Architettura Call For Projects Torino 2017 | De Leo & Drasnar
The design process always starts with sketches, schemes and physical models. Once the idea is formulated, we begin to draw it in 2D, 3D and parametric software, trying to get a product in perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Subsequently we present the project with photorealistic perspectives of the chosen solution and executive drawings in order to take care of the realization in the smallest details and with the maximum precision.

Eco-compatible Architecture

Architettura Ecosostenibile Torino | De Leo & Drasnar
We are aware that using sustainable design methods is nowadays a responsibility we architects and designers have. We believe it is something essential that cannot be excluded in our projects. We propose the use of eco-compatible materials and new technologies, which can reduce the consumption of non-renewable sources and also the environmental impact in buildings.


Studio Architettura Torino Singapore | De Leo & Drasnar
We believe that teamwork is essential to grow as a company. In our case, having a studio based in Italy and Singapore allows us to have a synergistic approach and international visibility, thanks also to the exchange between experts of different nationalities and cultures. Multidisciplinary teamwork is our greatest strength because it allows us to have a global understanding of the project and customer needs.