De Leo & Drasnar Architects

Camilo Fuentes
Liborio Vaccaro 
Biella, Italy


Sushi Be is a ‘furniture to ceiling’ project, desinged as a whole. The main concept was to give dynamism and personality to a static and degraded space, which fell into neglect over the years. The continuity of surface materials, the connectivity between different spaces and the design of the furniture, expressly imagined for this project, are the elements that makes Sushi Be a unique and revolutionary project in a traditional area such as the one of Biella, Italy.
The biggest challenge of this project was to realize a restaurant that could combine a unique design with a low budget. We applied the Generative Design technique, using the tool of a parametric 3D model in order to create a ceiling that could perfectly fit in place of the pre-existing vaulted ceiling. In addition to that, we focused on the use of high quality materials such as teak wood for the furniture, that we personally designed in Indonesia.
We created a ceiling surface out of curved wooden boards, crossing the restaurant from side to side. This surface gives a soft visual effect, and it is so because each board has a different bending. In this way the perception of the ceiling varies with different points of view, including indoor and outdoor standpoint. This everchanging surface pulls the attention of the observer, not only hiding lights and implants but also improving the acoustic comfort.