De Leo & Drasnar Architects

Camilo Fuentes
Fabio Costelli 
Nicholas Merli
Liborio Vaccaro
Musso Teli
Alassio, Italy
2017 - 2018

Boat Bar

The boat bar cooler is born as a fusion of the Red Bull brand with Le Vele Alassio club. Gathering the main elements of each brand, we create a shape that will complement the stand design and become the new symbol of the club. Triangular shapes with slight inclinations highlight the spaces within the bar and demark them through a led lighting system. Nevertheless, this does not remove visibility to the Red Bull coolers.
The cooler’s concept of levitation responds to the Red Bull slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”. Its structure consists in a metallic pole that carries the cooler in the most subtle way, to follow the concept as accurately as possible. The cooler is therefore seemingly suspended in mid-air, and visible from all points of the club.