Villa FF

De Leo & Drasnar Architects

S. Restrepo Arias
L. Vaccaro
A. Costa

Almese (TO) , Italy
The architect has skillfully created a design that harmoniously balances privacy and connection with the surrounding landscape, enchanting with its fusion of clean lines, exquisite materials, and a welcoming atmosphere. The transparent glass facades and large windows allow every family member to enjoy natural sunlight and admire the landscape surrounding the villa. The seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces creates a sense of continuity, expanding the living area and allowing residents to experience the beauty of nature from every corner of the house.

As you enter the building, the architectural beauty reveals itself through every detail. The interiors feature a palette of neutral colors that enhance the contemporary elegance, while the furnishings provide warmth and comfort. The main lounge is characterized by a double-height ceiling, creating a sense of spaciousness and grandeur. This open and luminous space is the perfect place to welcome guests or spend relaxing moments with the family.

The modern and fully equipped kitchen is the vibrant heart of the house. With clean lines, state-of-the-art appliances, and ample workspace, it offers the perfect environment to put the family's culinary skills to the test. A spacious central island invites socializing while cooking, creating a focal point for informal gatherings.

The villa has been designed to ensure maximum privacy for all family members. Upstairs, you'll find the bedrooms, each of which is a private sanctuary offering comfort and tranquility. The master bedroom represents an oasis of peace for the parents, while the spacious and bright children's rooms have been designed to inspire creativity and joy in the young ones.

The semi-detached Villa F&F enchants not only with its captivating design but also with a series of architectural elements that transform the spaces into true dream areas. The curved and fluid suspended ceilings have been skillfully integrated into the entire project, providing a soft and enveloping light that illuminates the house in a functional and sophisticated way. These unique architectural details add a touch of refinement and uniqueness to each room, creating a sense of movement and harmony.

Moreover, the villa is equipped with an elegant fireplace, which serves as the focal point of a cozy lounge area. It is the perfect place to spend winter evenings by the fire, creating moments of conviviality and intimacy for the whole family.

The entire structure has been conceived with a sustainable approach, using eco-friendly materials and efficient energy systems that reduce the environmental impact and enable a sustainable living experience over time.

Every space has been designed to meet the needs of a continuously evolving family, offering comfort, privacy, and a welcoming atmosphere. With its clean lines, exquisite materials, and timeless connection with the surrounding nature, this villa is the ideal place to create unforgettable memories and live a life of unparalleled elegance.